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Fall Dance registration schedule:

Sharon studio                    Monday August 25th, 4 to 6:30pm

Slippery Rock studio      Tuesday August 26th, 4 to 6:30pm

Mercer studio                    Wednesday August 27th, 4 to 6:30pm


Summer Dance 2014

 This summer I am excited to offer a dance program at our DCS Sharon studio located near downtown Sharon.  Classes will run Wednesday, July 9th-Saturday, August 23rd. We will have a conditioning program, ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, and beg. tumbling, as well as, ZUMBA for parents (time TBA)! Please return or mail this completed form with a PARENT/or GUARDIAN signature and class fees by May 31. Enrollments after June 1st will be charged an additional 5$ processing fee. All dancers in the valley ages 4+ are welcome to join us! My goal this summer is to build our core strength/technique and develop our expression to enhance our performance capabilities; technique can be taught but our passion must come from within!

Both Wed. and Sat. will follow this EXACT schedule:

8:30-9:00 Core Conditioning. Mandatory pre-class warm-up for the advanced/int. dancers AGES 12+

9:00-10:00 Ballet Technique, Barre, & Floor exercises. AGES 12+

10:00-10:30 Jazz w/ Variations. (ie.jazz funk, lyrical, modern) AGES 12+

10:30-11:00 Tap & Travel.  AGES 12+

11:00-11:45 POINTE (by teacher recommendation only please) AGES 12+

11:30-12:00 JAZZ ages 8-11 11:30-12:00 BEG. Tumbling ages 4+

12:00-12:30 TAP Ages 8-11 12:00-12:30 TAP Ages 7 under

12:30-1:00 Ballet Ages 8-11 12:30-1:00 Ballet Ages 7 under

Tuition Breakdown, please mark an (X) where the dancer intends to enroll:

AGES 12+  * BEST SAVINGS* FULL PROGRAM* cond/ballet/tap/jazz (excludes pointe) (2X week) 80$____                                             PART PROGRAM (1X week) 60$ ____

Add POINTE (2x week) 48$ ____  (1X week) 24$ ____

or PER WEEK (without pointe) 15$, ____ indicate what weeks here: __________________

AGES 8-11*FULL PROGRAM* jazz,tap,ballet (2x week) 50$  ____PART PROGRAM (1X week) 25$ ____

AGES 7&under*FULL PROGRAM* tumble,tap,ballet (2X week) 40$ ____PART PROGRAM (1X week) 20$ ____

OR PER CLASS 2$, what classes? ________  2X or 1X/wk ____ total cost for 6 wks ____


Parents, Interested in ZUMBA? 3$ for an hour class, with a certified instructor, time TBA.  yes or no ____

I,(please print)  _____________________________ give my consent for

 (print dancer name) _____________________________ to attend the dance workshop taught by

Ladonna L. Dunlevy. I acknowledge that as the parent/guardian, I have sole responsibility for any/all medical care and costs related to any/all accidents and injuries that could occur during the workshop.

Signature _________________________


Student Name: _______________________ age: ____

Address: __________________________________________

Phone: ___________________ secondary number: ___________________

please Return or mail form & payment to: Ladonna L. Dunlevy


Ladonna @ 724-734-6526 Hermitage, Pa 16148.  




for DCS information phone: 724-530-6495

email:  audreypollock4@gmail.com