Welcome To Dance Center Studios

Classes begin next week!  Still taking registrations for most classes. 

Please call (724) 734-6526 or (330) 770-8463 to register; or email me at ladonnadunlevy@hotmail.com 

Monday, August 28th in Sharon (former Girls Buhl Club)

Tuesday, August 29th in Slippery Rock (SR parks and recreation community building)

Wednesday, August 30th in Mercer (Brandy Springs Park community building)

Thursday, August 31st in Slippery Rock and

Saturday, September 2nd in Sharon.  


There will be NO class on Monday, Sept. 4th in observance of Labor Day.  

NYCDA information sheets are available at all studios. Please see Susan Fette for more information

Clothing and Shoe sales are now available.  We will start sizing the first week of classes.  The donated shoe bin will also be at each studio this week!