Studio Policy

Studio Policy

  1. Please have proper dress for class: leotards, tights, proper shoes and hair tied back.
    Acro students please do not dress in loose clothing. It can catch your spotter's fingers and dislocate them.
  2. No food, drinks or gum in the studio. NO SMOKING or VAPING on studio property.  
  3. No running in tap shoes.
  4. Please be prompt for class. Do not miss the barre or warm ups.
  5. Students, please check in with the bookkeeper before your class.
  6. Absolutely No unsupervised playing on acrobatic mats.
  7. Visitors' day is the first lesson day of the month. 
  8. If friends, parents, or younger siblings accompany students to class we ask your cooperation in remaining quiet and seated during your visit.
  9. If a student or visitor behaves in a disruptive manner at the studio proper measures will be taken. Parents will be held financially accountable for vandalism, breakage, or destruction of the facility or personal property caused by their children.
  10. Class placement is at the discretion of the teacher. Please respect their judgement.
  11. Teachers are available for consultation before and after the class and by phone.
  12. Should a student withdraw from DCS or any DCS class a withdrawal form must be filled out and signed or tuition costs will continue for a period of one month. No exceptions.


  1. Tuition is due in full the first lesson day of the month.
  2. No credits for missed classes. Make up classes available on request.
  3. Special arrangements can be made in case of prolonged illness or injury if we are informed.
  4. If you miss 3 or more consecutive classes your name will be deleted from the roll and you will have to reregister.
  5. After the first month of class there will be a $5.00 fee for rearranging a student's schedule (changing times, dropping or picking up a class, etc...).
    If a change is made at the request of a teacher the fee will not be charged.
  6. The pricing schedule is as follows:
    • single 30 minute class: $3.00
    • Two or more 30 minute classes: $2.50 each
    • 45 minute class: $3.25
    • 60 minute class: $3.75
    • 30 minute private or semi-private lesson: $10.00
      If you are interested in a private lesson please discuss it with the teacher directly.
    • First year registration fee: $10.00 per family
    • Returning student registration fee: $5.00 per family
  7. If a class is canceled due to weather you will receive an automatic credit.

Spring Performance

  1. Our spring dance recital is not mandatory. If you choose to be in it we expect you to honor your commitment by attending all required rehearsals, getting your costume, following all rules, etc...
  2. Show and auditorium dates will be announced in late October.
  3. Show tickets will be on sale at your studio in April. Some volunteers will have the first choice of seats.
  4. Costume deadline is the middle of December. If we do not have the costume orders on time we cannot guarantee that you will receive your costume in time for the show.  A late fee will be charged on all late costume orders.
  5. If you miss more than 4 classes special arrangements must be made if you are to be in the spring show.


  1. We will not necessarily follow school holiday or vacation day schedules. If in doubt please ask bookkeepers or teachers, read the posted signs, and check the web site.
  2. Cancellation of dance school because of weather conditions will be announced on this web site by 2pm on the day in question and 6am on Saturdays.
  3. If school is canceled or dismissed early because of weather dance school may also be canceled. Check our web site or call one of the listed numbers. We try to call everyone, but at times that is not possible.